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The Year in Photos 2023
Thankful Tree 2023
Fabulous Fail Friday - Margin
Fabulous Fail Friday - Daring Leadership
The Year in Photos 2022
Thankful Tree MMXXII
The year in Photos: 2021
When did the world get HUGE for you?
Being and Doing
Relax, Recharge, Reboot
Know Your User: Elvis, Bean, Hedy
20 Years of Code
Thankful Tree 2020
Sticky Note Leadership: On the Lighter Side
Sticky Note Leadership: Core Values
Sticky Note Leadership: Balancing Time
Sticky Note Leadership: Mentorship
Late Night Family DnD
T-Shaped Goals: Deeper and Wider
A Decade of Photos
Favorite Photos of 2019
Thoughts on Leadership: What you Permit you Promote
How I Hack Productivity - Google Calendar, Trello, Zapier
How to create dynamic environment sequencing columns in .Net Core EF migrations with PostgreSQL / Npgsql
Leadership: Finding Somebody New
Quick Tip - How to use a custom domain for your Angular app running in Docker
Bootstrap Your App for Free Part 3: Security and Naming
Bootstrap Your App for Free Part 2: Hosting
Bootstrap Your App for Free Part 1: Tools and Resources
Leadership: Thoughts and a Tip
If I was stuck on a deserted island, the 5 books I would want with me are...
Bienvenue MMXIX
Tourettes, T-Rex Video, and Breaking Through
Fixed: Building Android 23 Apps with Gradle in Jenkins Pipeline
Don't Forget to Smile
How to fix PATH conflicts in WSL (Bash on Ubuntu on Windows)
Dynamically Updating Environment Variables in Postman
The Joys of Home Ownership
Running Sitefinity in Azure Services
Quick Tip: Manually Run EF Migrations on External Databases
Prayer Odyssey Progress
Family Tech: Life360 and Prodigy
Technical Note / Rant: Keep Core App Functionality Consistent
The Long Game
Five Random (and semi-famous?) Things You May Not Know About Me
2016 Blogging in Review
2016 in Photos
Last Christmas
Toolkit Upgrade
Five Tips for Remote Developers
Tappity Tap
Behold! Christmas Advent Music is Here!
Review: The Mither Mage Series by Orson Scott Card
Thankful Tree 2016
Dev Principle #10: Do Performance Optimization When Needed
Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac
Quick Tip: Removing the "Double Login" From macOS Sierra
Election Day
Soup to Nuts: Access VMWare Fusion .Net Apps from Your Mac
Rest Hard
Dev Principle #8: YAGNI – Ya Ain’t Gonna Need It
Digital Whittling
How to Download All Containers and Blobs in Azure with PowerShell
Plunging into NativeScript
Dev Principle #7: Avoid Common Code Vulnerablities
Too Many Books, Not Enough Time
Quick Review: Norah Jones - Day Breaks
Amazing Programmers are Replaceable
Texas Vacation 2016 Highlights
Texas Beauty
Farewell Interwebz...
Don't Forget to Breathe
Quick Tip - Hydrate Before You Run
Do Something Crazy New
The Beat of my Heart
Cool Tools - Blisk and Word Flow
Microsoft on Apple
Quick Tip: Grab your ConnectionStrings From the config file directly
API Insights - ORMs, ViewModels, SummaryViews, and Transforms
Initial Review: Reebok One Guide 3.0
Life Momentos
My Favorite Moment of the 2016 Olympics
Dev Principle #4: Create High-Quality Project Documentation
Freeform Friday 8
Worth Watching: Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street
Enjoying the Weather with Some Pi
Connecting Your Local API in Xamarin and VMWare Fusion
Low-Tech Running
Team Fresh & Furious Completes Third RAGNAR Northwest Passage
Quick Tip: Maintaining .Net Core RC1 Project References in Azure
Review: I, Robot
Fresh Running Tech
Bitcoin Alert - HashOcean: Diary of a Scam
The Remodel
Bitcoin Alert - HashOcean: Potential Scam
Review: Killing Patton
Balancing Fatigue and OverWork
Quick Tip: Run EntityFramework Migration Seeds for MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion Configuration
Bitcoin for the Newcomer - Profit
Sixty-Seven Minutes
Mobile Screen #1 and Xamarin Notes
Running Tech: Huzzah for Strava
Fresh High Five
Into the Foray of Mobile
Profiles and Vision
The Running App Swap
Milestones and Thresholds
The Decade
Running Tip - A good runner PULLS down the hill
Musical Kanned Tomatoes -
Freeform Friday 7
Happy Star Wars Day! #MayThe4thBeWithYou
Guest Post: Optimizing Laravel Performance
Review - The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov
Bitcoin for the Newcomer - Hope again
Next Steps: Taking Donations
Cross Platform Coding is Cheaper than Before
Freeform Friday 6
Soup to Nuts: Custom Domains and SSL in IIS Express
Mobile Deep Linking - Lesson Learned
Be a Vagrant - It's better than you think
Freeform Friday 5
RAGNAR is Here! #ragnarnwp
Guest Post: Azure - More than a Web Hosting Platform
Layout Preview
Pi Music - The Octal Remix
Pi Music - Decatonic Style
Pi Music
Throw Down Some Cards
Prayer Journal is now Prayer Odyssey
Freeform Friday 4
The Teacher
The Run
On Writing Maintainable Code
Worth Sharing - Fried Apple Cinnamon Rings
Quick Tip - Fixing SSH Bitbucket Error in Windows 10 on VMWare Fusion
In which I graciously thank Starbucks for exceeding customer service
On the Joys of MVC Architecture
Random Pro Tips - Shoveling Snow
Freeform Friday 3
Same and Different
Freeform Friday 2
Everything As A Service
Freeform Friday 1
Buffy and Angel
Database Migrations with Azure EF7 and DNX
How To Test Fake E-mail Addresses
2015 in Photos
Quick Tip - Breakpoint Failed to Bind in Visual Studio 2015
Merry Christmas Eve!
Review - Star Wars The Force Awakens
Where Were You When You First Saw Star Wars?
2015 Blogging In Review
Coding Snow
Life, Legos, and Letting Go
Lets Start the Advent Music
A Hayao Miyazaki Primer: Two Alternative Lists
My Post Thanksgiving Rant
Thanksgiving Thought
Thankful Tree 2015
A Hayao Miyazaki Primer
Quick Tip: Don't Resize the BootCamp Partition
Old Songs with New Tones
Quick Tip - Insert Sequentially Random Data in MySQL
Azure Tip - Check Cross Project Connection Strings
How Much To Know?
Crud and Cream
Technology Flip
How to Git and SSH in PowerShell
Ho Now - Its Bombadil
New Tool for Rebuilding Your Dev Environment
Total Control of Logging in Laravel 5.1
Whats in a Name - Ideas Wanted
Quick Tip - IAM S3 Policy for DeployBot
A Random Analogy About the Merits of Clean Code and Unintended Consequences
Simple and Fun DIY Record Player
Telerik Sitefinity: A Review
Quick Tip - Writable Laravel logs with Elastic Beanstalk
Quick Tip - Adding LogEntries to Laravel 5.0
Build Your Own Netflix with Plex
What Good is Certification - Upcoming Plans
Homemade Bacon Round 4 - Refinement
Song of the Week - Close your Eyes by R7
Something Old and New: Importing WordPress posts into Sitefinity
Homemade Bacon Round 3 - Success
Life Hack - Cutting Cold Butter
Homemade Bacon Round 2 - Molasses Results
Quick Tip - Disable Windows 10 "Torrent" Updates
[Fixed] More Button Disabled, Multiple Forms, and Script Issues in Sitefinity
Windows 10 Upgrade Basics - What You Need to Know
Yes... YOU TOO can make your own bacon!
Getting Bamboo Build Notifications in Slack Using Zapier
Quick Tip - Download Telerik Sitefinity Thunder
Texas Vacation 2015
Unboxing and Initial Review - AcuRite 2032CRM Pro Weather Station
Getting AppHarbor Build Messages in Slack using Zapier
Review - Man Enough by Nate Pyle
Quick Tip - Outputting variables in PHPUnit
Doctor Who is Forever
Inbox Mayhem - Subscription Check
Family Road Trip Tips
Random Vacation Thought
Texas Air
Soup to Nuts - Dynamically Submitting Sitefinity Forms Using AJAX
Building a Card UX with Zurb Foundation for Apps
Fabulous Fresh Four Fenomenon
Laravel 5 Configurations in AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Low Iodine Diet (LID) Resources
The Tale of Gary and RassaSassafratz
Bitcoin for the Newcomer - An Update
Quick Tip - Setting Active Classes Within Templates in Sitefinity
Quick Tip - Transferring Contacts from HTC 8X to iOS or Android on Verizon
Love Is
What is the Gospel?
Quick Tip - Hiding the map in the DS-IDX WordPress Plugin
Breaking the Triad
Fixing Video Display Issues with VMWare Fusion and Windows 10
Ack! I'm Becoming a "Default" User!!!
Creating Reusable Text Snippets with Shortcodes in SiteFinity
Digital Treasures
Creating Custom Formatted Layout Widgets in SiteFinity
Wants and Needs
Installing SiteFinity with IIS 8, SQL Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012
Routines Work 90% of the Time
How to Add Foundation Icons to Zurb Foundation for Applications
That First Mile
Late Nights and Early Mornings
Treat Your Database Like Code
Programming for Kids
Quick Tip - Enabling XDebug in MAMP for OSX
Fancy Coffee
On Anniversaries
Standing and Sitting
How to Debug Laravel Apps in PHPStorm
Dynamically Changing Titles in Zurb Foundation for Applications
Wide and Deep
Kids and Tech
Updated Developer's Toolkit
ZFA Scaffold Update - Authenticating a Page
Cats, Ducks, and Mice
Animated GIFs Have Grown Up
A New DevTool on the Block
That First Song
Trust vs Clarity
Quick Tip - Linking User Identity to oAuth Tokens in WebAPI
Picking a Stack for the .Net Framework
Bloggers Block?
Syntax vs Semantics, Or Career Advice for Aspiring Programmers
Humility and Perseverance
Sharing the Love - Zurb Foundation for Apps Scaffolding for .Net with Authentication
10 Day Retrospective
Tracking Users in Google Analytics
In Focus - Blogging Goals
Looking Back, Looking Forward
About Me
Tidying Up
Quick Tip - Configuring Laravel Environments on Media Temple
Writing Environment
Why I Blog
New Year, New Me (Sorta)
Quick Tip - Locating Namespaces in Visual Studio
Bienvenue MMXV
2014 in Review
Soup to Nuts - Using Zurb Foundation for Apps in .Net
12 Songs of Christmas
Christmas Advent Music
Thankful Tree 2014
What's Your Pet Project?
What's Your Souvenir?
Review: AngularJS: Up and Running
Desk Made Me Fall in Love with Blogging Again!
Sick Doctors and Healthy Patients
Quick Tip: How to Create an Email Template in Airmail
Quick Tip: Validation "Lights" Using Zurb Foundation and AngularJS
How to Run Multiple Projects in a Single Azure Site
The Magic of the Years and Ears
Code Analysis: The Hot Sauce Test
How to Add a Windows Phone 8 Live Tile Using AngularJS
Quick Tip: Removing Old Files in Azure Containers
Worth Sharing: Low Iodine Diet (LID) Nachos
Worth Sharing: Low Iodine Diet (LID) BBQ Sauce
Building a Data Import Tool with Azure WebJobs
Introducing Trellodoro - Trello + Pomodoro = Personal Kanban Bliss
Triple Fresh and Staying Strong
Quick Tip: How to Run CodeIgniter on PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6
How to add Zurb Foundation 5 to a Laravel 4 App
Kanned Tomatoes - An Update
Rebuilding Your Dev Environment Quick and Easy on Windows with Boxstarter
Rebuilding Your Dev Environment Quick and Easy on OSX with KitchenPlan
How to Embed Full Page iFrames (with busting) in WordPress
Happy Star Wars Day
Quick Tip: Creating Outlook Templates for Mac
2 Alternate Configurations for Windows Azure Deployment
How to Redirect Your Domain or SubDomain to Your Windows Azure Website
Stand in the Rain
2013 in review
Pic-a-Dillie-O: Best of 2013
Review: HTML5 Hacks
“As A Service” Provides Developers a Cloud Paradise
Bitcoin for the Newcomer, Hobbyist, and Poor Man
Quick Tip: Getting Apache Up and Running After Updating to OSX Mavericks (10.9)
Exceptional in Ordinary Things
The Dance Chapel - Halloween
Bienvenue (again) Pic-a-Dillie-O!!!
Atomic Commits
Living and Life
Quick Tip: Debug PHP Scripts from the Command Line using PHPStorm 6
Review: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Vision and Action
Review: Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition
Creating a Quick Website to Always Know Your PHP Configuration in OSX
Worth Sharing: Gluten Free Cheeseburger Macaroni (that "helper" kind)
Quick Tip: Quick File Zipping in Windows 8
Quick Tip: How to mount a TimeMachine network drive at login
Quick Tip: Batch SVN Rename of files through Powershell
Team Fresh Completes Ragnar Northwest Passage
Crazy runners and gorgeous scenery. This is #ragnarnwp #freshconsulting
Running Tip - A good runner PU-S-H-ES the hills
Get More Life Out of Your Computer With A SSD Upgrade
A Fresh Perspective: Two Years and Counting as a Remote Worker
Refactored: Advanced Removal of Duplicate Rows in SQL Server
Cowardice is Virtue; How Dr. Who Saved the World through Cowardice -- Evangelical OutpostEvangelical Outpost
Refactored: Creating dynamic/configurable parameterized queries in Entity Framework
Why the Internet is cool.
Windows Phone 8: One Week In with the HTC 8X
DJ Josiah | HomeGrown Episode 11
Creating dynamic/configurable parameterized queries in Entity Framework
Died: Dallas Willard, 'Divine Conspiracy' Author and Philosopher
The Return of Pete Le Freq’s Dial Llama for Funk Show
Introducing Quote-a-Dillie-O Alpha!
Quick Tip: How to Peel Frozen Bananas
The New Digitally Imported
Mac vs. Windows: Your Best Arguments
Why, God?
Quick Tip: Bulk Edit Post Formats in WordPress
The airplane apprentice
Dillie-O Delights: Quintessential Jazz
Kotei Report: Tucson, AZ
How to run PHP applications in Visual Studio 2012
{Naturals} Electrolyte Drink
How to get Netgear ReadyShare to work with Time Machine and Mountain Lion (Mavericks Too!) (Oh and El Capitan!)
Google Reader Users Have No Fear. Feedly Has Your Back!!!
Success vs. Value
Finding things...
Amazing Fun with Ruby on Rails and Zurb Foundation
Worth Sharing: Bacon Onion Butter
Quick Tip: Getting the centroid of an individual SVG path selection in D3
Creating Full Screen Modal Windows in Zurb Foundation Reveal
Quick Tip: Fixing duplicate/hidden dialog anomalies with jQuery UI
Technology is Crazy Cool
Quick Tip: How to draw a star with SVG and Javascript
Quick Tip: Preserve SVG Text Size After Scale Transform
2012 in review
12 Songs of Christmas: O Holy Night - Three Versions
12 Songs of Christmas: Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Manhattan Transfer
12 Songs of Christmas: Jingle Bells by Mannheim Steamroller
A Bit of Christmas Magic
12 Songs of Christmas: Eternal Gifts by Leigh Nash
12 Songs of Christmas: O Tannenbaum by Vince Guaraldi Trio
12 Songs of Christmas: Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
12 Songs of Christmas: Perry Saves Christmas by Phineas and Ferb
12 Songs of Christmas: Sleigh Ride by Harry Connick Jr.
12 Songs of Christmas: Merry Christmas Baby by B.B. King
12 Songs of Christmas: Carol of the Bells by David Benoit
Review: The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide
12 Songs of Christmas: The Twelve Days of Christmas by Phineas and Ferb
12 Songs of Christmas: The Little Drummer Boy by Audio Adrenaline
Logging Client Errors using log4net, MVC, and AJAX
It's Christmas Advent Again!!! Kick up the Music!
Log4Net: A Quick Start Tutorial and Guide with MVC and SQLite
Quick Tip: Aborting builds in Visual Studio based on file contents
Thankful Tree 2012
Personal vs. Individualistic Faith
Quick Tip: Fix old WordPress links with the Redirection plugin and the WayBack Machine
Tame that Tongue/Tweet/Text
Elmah: A Quick Start Tutorial and Guide with MVC and Nuget
Review: Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition
Review: Getting Started with D3
Song of the Week: Count Five or Six by Cornelius
Worth Sharing: Pythagorean Chili
Review: The Book of Ruby
Advanced Removal of Duplicate Rows in SQL Server
Why I Run
Isn't it strange...
Which walls do you prefer?
Quick Tip: How to manually add a log entry in ELMAH
Quick Tip: How to use OnClick and OnClientClick events to Prevent Double Clicking on your ASP.Net Buttons
Soup to Nuts: Creating a Member Search and Filter Page/Macro in Umbraco CMS
Ray Bradbury - Rest In Peace
A much needed warning for me...
A Fresh Year
You have loved us first...
Quick Review: Torchlight 2
Quick Tip: Make SQL scripts generate SQL scripts for you.
Quick Review: Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts
Quick Tip: How to Download a File from Amazon S3 and Prompt the User Using .Net
Support our girls, race a duck, and maybe win $1,000!
The Top 10 Island CD Disc Mix
Review: The Hunger Games Movie
Worth Sharing: Rib Tips
Why you need a release branch
Announcing and
How to Rip CDs using Clementine for OSX
Soup to Nuts: Getting Your Android Emulator to Read Virtual Hosts on your Development Machine
Song of the Week: Skanewpid by SFC
Developer Nirvana: The OSX / VMWare Fusion / Visual Studio 2010 Amalgamation
Top 5 Looney Tunes
Kanned Tomatoes: A Kanban / Pomodoro Way of Getting Things Done
Song of the Week: The Houseplant Song by Audio Adrenaline
Streaming Video Isn't as Easy as You Think
Believing THAT vs. Believing IN
Song of the Week: Duel of the Fates - Star Wars Episode 1
The moon...
Parenting and Strangers
Hardware and Software
Hello Trello My Fine Fellow
Where does the Web Application Admin fit in?
Worth Sharing: Chicken and Sausage with Sage and Onion
Cloud Life: 5 Free Tools to Get What you Need Whenever and Wherever You Need It
Song of the Week: Squirrels in My Pants by Phineas and Ferb
When did the world get so HUGE for you?
The thoughts and compassion of children
Song of the Week: Afterhours 2011 Mix by DJ Josiah "Fingaz" Freebourne
Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
My other tagline...
DIY Duck Incubator / Hotel
Everybody is a genius...
Programming Work
Song of the Week - Sesame's Treet by Smart-E
Top 10 Posts of the Year
Random Numbers
Christmas wants and needs
Life vs. Living
Introducing Pic-A-Dillie-O
Quick Tip: Fixing the datetime2 problem with Entity Framework
Song of the Week: O Holy Night by Studio 60 New Orleans Band
Quick Tip: IIf isn't doesn't like null values!
Song of the Week: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Caedmon's Call
Worth Sharing: Potato Cheese Soup
Song of the Week: Little Drummer Boy by Audio Adrenaline
Christmas Music Time!
Worth Sharing: Jalapeno Cranberry Chutney
Give Thanksgiving its due… (a pseudo rant) [repost]
Give Thanksgiving its due… (a pseudo rant) [repost]
Song of the Week: Mahna Mahna by The Muppets
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Conclusion
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Homegrown
...on this Veteran's Day
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: TweetDeck, Trillian, HootSuite, and Others
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Feedly
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: LiveGo
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Mobile/Cloud Aside
Song of the Week: Imperial March - Leviathan Mix
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: iGoogle
Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Netvibes
Lifestyle Management Reloaded
Song of the Week - Halloween Trance by The Dance Chapel
Song of the Week: Don't Get Around Much Anymore by Duke Ellington and Louie Armstrong
The Tale of the Pumpkin Mouse - As Told by Rylee and Haylee
Quick Tip: Simple iPhone/iPad Layout Changes in PhoneGap
What cool things can I do with my droid?
Automatic User and Time Stamping in Entity Framework 4
Quick Tip: Handy Sort Arrows in your GridView Without CSS or Graphics
Song of the Week: Never Alone (Acoustic) by BarlowGirl
Song of the Week: Bedrock Anthem by Weird Al Yankovic
The Softwire Series by P.J. Haarsma - Go read it now!!!
Farewell Grandma
Why do you work? How do you work?
The Remote Worker: Three Months In
Song of the Week: Linus and Lucy by Vince Guraldi
Our Newest Family Member: Tony
Song of the Week: Red Light, Blue Light by Harry Connick Jr.
Soup to Nuts: Generating a Time Interval Based Count Report in T-SQL
First Day of Kindergarten
Fixed: Thickbox not working with multiple images
Song of the Week: Summer Camp Romance by everybodyduck
Integrating the Nivo Slider into a CodeIgniter Site
Song of the Week: Lonely Man by Audio Adrenaline
Soup to Nuts: Extending the User Module in PyroCMS
Song of the Week: Mono Synth by Joy Electric
Life is like jazz...
In the trench
Guest Post at Fresh Consulting
Why I Love Programming
Song of the Week: The Slurpee Set care of Spotify
Review: The Book of CSS3
Biblical Sanctuary
Song of the Week: Serena by Fold Zandura
The Remote Worker: One Month In
Song of the Week: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Megamix
Girls' First Fishing Trip
Generating Random Signature Taglines in Mac OSX
Song of the Week: Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry
Sorting Latitude/Longitude Positions by Distance in SQL
Song of the Week: Si la vie demande ca by Native
This whole social media thing...
First day on the job
The New Developer Rig
In Memorial of our Veterans
Song of the Week: Suddenly by Superchick
Another Chapter
Song of the Week: The Smash-Up
SQL 2005 CRUD Templates
Song of the Week: Until My Heart Caves In by Audio Adrenaline
A "Fresh" Start
Song of the Week: Riding with the King by B.B. King and Eric Clapton
Review: HTML 5 Step by Step
Qakbot: Diagnosis and Removal
Diary of a Qakbot Infection Day 7: The Slayer
Diary of a Quakbot Infection Day 5: The Ninja
Diary of a Qakbot Infection Day 4: Invasion
Diary of a Qakbot Infection Day 3: War
Diary of a Qakbot Infection Day 2: Speechless
Diary of a Qakbot Infection Day 1: Perplexity
Setting up Roksbox with iTunes and OSX
Song of the Week: Caravan by Duke Ellington
The Circus is Good for the Soul
Quick Tip: Check Your Mime Types in Internet Explorer and WordPress
Song of the Week: Stand in the Rain by Superchick
Soup to Nuts: Creating a Timeout Notifier in ASP.Net using AJAX Toolkit or jQuery
Song of the week: Dr. Demento Classics
Quick Tip: Centering a Login control on a webpage in ASP.Net
Elmah: A Quick Start Tutorial and Guide
Quick Tip: Color objects from Hex Codes in .Net
Song of the week: La Fiesta by Chick Corea
Song of the week: Reverence by DJ Lorraine
5 Minutes and lack of green for St. Patricks Day...
DataTable Refrences vs. Values
Song of the week: Summer Rain by U2
Living the French work life…
Living the French work life…
10,000 Hours
Default Category Images for WordPress
Review: jQuery Pocket Reference
Kindergarten is like college…
Kindergarten is like college…
Review: Beautiful Code
Good code
The New Year Fog
2010 in review
MMX: A Photo Review
MMX: Resolutions in Review
Review: Plain & Simple - Microsoft SharePoint 2010
How to swap faces using Windows Live Photo Gallery
I love this town!
Christmas is Here Again!
Life in the Cloud
Give Thanksgiving its due… (a pseudo rant)
The Thankful Tree
Review: Head First WordPress
Announcing Blog Migrator
AdHoc “Cuban” Grilled Cheese Sandwich
AdHoc “Cuban” Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Rainbow Faces
Blogs on the playground…
Some things linger forever…
Some things linger forever…
FTP 501 Error Woes with SSIS and AS400
Soup to Nuts: Exporting a GridView to Excel
Converting, Formatting, and Padding Values in T-SQL
Windows Server 2003 64bit, IIS 6 32bit, ASP.Net 4 Framework, and Targeting
Tame Your Configuration/Deployments with Web Config Transforms
Finding and Replacing Text in SQL Server
New Home for the CCG Toolkit
Centering Tables with HTML/CSS
The Thorough vs. The Simple - Followup
Digital Relocation
The Thorough vs. The Simple
What's in a domain name?
Three hours a week, that's all I ask...
Three hours a week, that's all I ask...
Quick Tip: Persisting Dynamic Controls in ASP.Net
Running Tech
Worth Sharing: Burg-a-Dillie-O
Musings of a Tire Change
The Duck House
Quick Tip: Setting focus/defaults on the Login Control.
Removing rows with duplicate Ids in SQL Server
Changing Log4Net Configurations Dynamically
Quick Tip: Taking your ASP.Net Application Offline
Migrating BlogML to WordPress 3.0
Bienvenue WordPress!
Summer Reading
Is the API the next killer app?
Netrep Archive: Deck Studio / RONIN Installers now Available
Four by Two: Reflections on a Birthday
Accessing AJAX Rendered Controls via JavaScript
Soup to Nuts: Sorting/Paging/Managing a GridView
Using an INNER JOIN on a SQL UPDATE Statement
Encrypt that Connection String Pronto!
A Matter of Perspective
Random musing about the Force, the Universe, and balance
Using HTML Server Controls
Daddy Tricks: The Super Juice Box
WordPress Plugin Recommendations
Tracking down Wordpress Hacks
Your Career: The Microcosm of Your Life – Part 2
Your Career: The Microcosm of Your Life - Part 1
Personal Kanban: AgileZen
In which I graciously thank Altec Lansing for their generous gift.
My Tombstone? and Yours?
Worth Sharing: Java Rib Rub
Using a RequiredFieldValidator for a DropDownList in ASP.Net
Fixing Windows 7 “User Profile Service” Woes
Chesterton: Poets, Rationalists, and Code
Welcome to MMX: Thoughts and Resolutions
Spreading Some Musical Christmas Cheer
It’s the semantics silly…
Lifestyle Data Management: Conclusion
Lifestyle Data Management: Streamy
DIY: Cheap & Effective Pot Rack
In Tribute: The Water Canyon Brain Surgeon
How to Sort/Find Custom Objects in a List with VB.Net
Personal Kanban: 3 Weeks In
Windows 7 DVD/CD Driver Install Error: Alternate Solution
Simple, Global, & Editable Application Settings in Winforms Applications
Deck Studio: Postmortem
Old age is not for sissies...
Coffee Theory
Simple Projects are not so Simple
Daddy's Anthem
Gaming done right: Angband
Nacho Cheese of the Month Club
Make the computer do your bidding: Keyboard Tools
Using XSDs for Quick DataTables in .Net
Random Facebook Chatter
Finding the Balance: Modules or Apps?
The Toolkit Backstory: Part 3
Coding to 80 Columns
Using Label Placeholders in ASP.Net Applications
The Leviathan that is Searching
A Geekish Tribute to my Computers: Part 1
The Toolkit Backstory: Part 2
The Power of Mentoring for Others and You
Log4Net: A Quick Start Tutorial and Guide
The Intellectual and the Spiritual: Evelyn Underhill
The Toolkit Backstory: Part 1