Published Aug 29, 2010 (13 years ago)
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H & R Pancakes

Last week when my mom was out visiting, I learned a couple of neat things while making breakfast for everybody. I learned that my Grandpa Welles always made breakfast for his girls (my mom and two aunts) every Saturday morning. I also learned that one thing he liked to do was make "initial pancakes", as shown above. I had tried a few things myself, but never came close. My mom gave me the details. The trick is to lay down the letters first and let them cook. For letters such as 'R', make sure to do them backwards. Then when the letters are about 90% done, fill in the batter around them. Finish cooking pancakes as you usually do and you're set. So this Saturday morning, I made pancakes for the girls, as I typically do, but I got to surprise them with the pancakes you see above. Even though I never did meet my Grandpa Welles, I felt a sense of tradition being passed on as I made these. Thanks Grandpa. What family legacies are you preserving?