Freeform Friday 8

Published Aug 12, 2016 (8 years ago)
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We're one week into the Olympics! I've always been a bit of an Olympics junkie. I've passively consumed (I still gotta work ya know 8^D) about 20 hours worth of sports up to this point and maybe about an hour of it has actually been "primetime" viewing.


This is the beauty of the streaming options that are available this year as the Internet gets more powerful and more available. I've heard a few people remark about how the primetime shows have been more about gymnastics, swimming, and "watching people wait for their medals" instead of really getting a good diversity of events out there, and that's sad.

Over the course of the week I've seen (and learned new things about) fencing, archery, handball, judo, rowing, kayaking/slalom, badminton, and weight lifting. I was able to witness history as I saw Ines Boubakri, the first female fencer from Africa (Tunisia) to win a medal in the event. Similarly, I saw Daryl Homer, the first saber medalist from the USA in many many many years.

It's pretty amazing stuff, a lot of this I never would have seen otherwise on the standard TV stations, or even the "extended" channels that have been out in the past (anybody else remember that "Red, White, and Blue" channels that came out one year. I also had streaming complications with the London Olympics four years ago, so this year has been great.

Plus we're only a week in! We're getting ready to start the next week with a World Record in the 10K, and a tie for the World Record in High Jump or women's Heptathlon. I can't wait to see what's next!