Cats, Ducks, and Mice

Published Feb 10, 2015 (9 years ago)
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Sadly I don’t have an actual picture of this, but a funny thing yesterday evening as I was grilling up some dinner on the deck.

Our mouser in training…

I was on the deck grilling dinner when I looked over to see Piper (see photo above) batting around something. She had caught a mouse! Hazzah! One of the reasons we got her was to start getting rid of the mice that liked to hang around the duck pen and mooch off the food (and cause a mess). In typical cat fashion she would pick bat the mouse around a little, pick it up and move it to a new location, and continue the process.

Having seen this activity, some of the ducks were curious as to what was going on. Oreo (our newest Blue Swedish duck) started to mosey over to see what was going on. As Oreo was watching, Piper bats the mouse nice and hard and it tumbles over right to where Oreo was standing.

Without missing a beat, Oreo scoops up the mouse and swallows it in one gulp. To which the cat begins to stare at the duck with a “What did you do with my toy?!” look and the rest of the family is shouting in amazement at what just happened. We had heard that ducks were prone to eat mice, but up to this point none of ours had partaken in such a treat, at least not that we’ve seen.

So Piper needs to find a new play toy, and true to form brought a bird up into the house this morning…