Song of the Week: Serena by Fold Zandura

Published Jul 8, 2011 (13 years ago)
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Fold Zandura Cover

When I started college, I was going through an expansion in my musical preferences. Fortunately for a poor college student, a lot of Christian labels would release "demo" albums that easily featured 20 songs by 10 of their artists, and sold them for about $2.99 each. They hoped you would find somebody to buy a complete album of, and I got some new music for cheap.

On one of these particular albums I stumbled across the song "Serena" by a group named Fold Zandura. It's still hard to describe precisely what keeps me coming back to this song, even a good 15 years later, but there's a combination of electronics, lyrics, melody, and a slow beat, that is almost haunting in a good way with the song.

Sadly I can't seem to come across any of their albums anymore, so if you know where I can find them. Let me know. Enjoy!!!