In which I graciously thank Starbucks for exceeding customer service

Published Feb 8, 2016 (8 years ago)
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All I wanted was a new mug for my coffee...


...I was about half way through my cup of coffee (a unique and smooth West Java Preanger) at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room when I noticed a few drips in my hand. I had put a napkin there since a little had spilled when first being set on my tray. Alas no, there was a tiny crack near the bottom of my mug and it was causing a noticeable beading of coffee that would drip.

I walked up to the counter, pointed it out, tried not to drip on the counter, and asked for a new mug to pour the remaining coffee into so I could enjoy the rest drip free. Apparently this wouldn't do. The barista asked what I was was drinking and said she was make a fresh mug up for me. I said that wasn't necessary but she insisted and asked where I was sitting.

A few minutes later she brought me a new tray, with a fresh mug full of coffee (and it's not cheap either). In addition to that, there was a gift card next to it saying "Your next drink is on us."

Sakes alive! That was a double whammy of generous customer service I wasn't expecting! Thank you Starbucks. I think that sealed the deal that I'll be making a visit whenever I'm back up in the Seattle neck of the woods.