2012 in review

Published Dec 31, 2012 (11 years ago)
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2012 Year in Review

So here we are, the end of another year and while I don't blog for a living, I try to be serious enough about it that stats matter. Plus it's fascinating to see how the year pans out in my blog. Here's some interesting info for a year in review.

The busiest day I had this year was 706 visitors, mainly to visit my post about The Thankful Tree. It's an older post, but having a quick idea on how to make one I think helps get people interested in it. That and I believe there is a band or something called the Thankful Tree as well. 8^D

That said, here are the top five posts based on views I had this year. Interestingly enough most of them were the same as before, with one new entry to the mix:

5 Soup to Nuts: Creating a Timeout Notifier in ASP.Net using AJAX Toolkit or jQuery

With more and more jQuery development going on, this one is on the rise.

4 How to Sort/Find Custom Objects in a List with VB.Net

Creating your own objects is quite helpful, especially if you can add them to a list collection and be able to sort it. I've "dog fooded" this one myself a couple of times this year.

3 Windows Server 2003 64bit, IIS 6 32bit, ASP.Net 4 Framework, and Targeting

This one is still a hat tip to my buddy Ben. It turns out people are still having issues with this one.

2 Quick Tip: How to use OnClick and OnClientClick events to Prevent Double Clicking on your ASP.Net Buttons

I wrote this one back in July after discovering a bug we were having with users double clicking submission buttons and causing duplicate entries in the database. I've had to use this one a couple of times and it seems to be a common problem for folks

...and still the #1 post for a couple of years running now is

I was always baffled at how cool this trick was but hard to find. I guess other folks were having the same issues too. I still get comments and questions about it.

So thank you, loyal readers, for another year of blogging. I hope to be more frequent in MMXIII with blogging and plan to keep it diverse. I might even look into merging my photo and quote blog in, to create a kind of "full pictures" of my interests.

Is there anything you've been curious for me to blog about? I'd love to hear it! Take care and keep reading!

[:: Sean ::]