Song of the Week: Riding with the King by B.B. King and Eric Clapton

Published May 6, 2011 (13 years ago)
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Riding With The King Cover

Similar to what happens when Duke Ellington and Louie Armstrong get together (will be another song of the week I promise), bringing together B.B. King and Eric Clapton can only result in an album that is amazing.

I first found out about this album a good 10 years ago or so while I was in France, yes France of all places. The guy I was helping out invited me over to dinner and I happened to see it when I was over for dinner. I only had to make it through the first song and I bought the album immediately when I got back to the states.

Here's the first track off the album. It's really hard for me to "analyze" it, it is just straight up fun and powerful blues. Enjoy!