The Top 10 Island CD Disc Mix

Published Apr 16, 2012 (12 years ago)
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Island Set Cover

I've been archiving my music as of late, re-ripping some old discs and using the "randomizer" to pull up some old classics. I realized that I have A LOT of music. I'm sure nowhere near what others have, but I think iTunes told me one time I have a weeks worth of music to work with. So then I had a random thought. What if I crashed on an island, like on Lost, and there was a mysterious car that had a 10 disc changer built into it (Hmm, some of my readers might not know what that is, but that's how we had "bulk music" before iPods 8^D). What would be the 10 albums I want put in there for me (since the island is mysterious, it knows me quite well)? Here's the list I came up with, in no particular order:

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Lift Album by Audio Adrenaline Audio Adrenaline: Lift

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AA is my all time favorite group of rockers, hands down. Out of all their Albums, Life is my favorite. While all of their albums have a lot of upbeat energy, there is a transformation in their style and lyrics that occurred in the Life album, adding a greater depth to their music. Songs like "Rejoice" and "Summertime" keep that same intensity, but "Tremble" is a very humbling and impactful song. The bonus track "Lonely Man" at the end is added candy.

Chick Corea: Works

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I'm a jazz man, and while I tend to favor classical big band jazz, there was something about Chick Corea that always resonated with me. Most of his "electric band" stuff is well known, but the way he combines strings with jazz is rather profound. The final track on this album, "La Fiesta" mixes both his electric style and latin flare that I dare you NOT to dance to while listening.

U2 Joshua Tree U2: The Joshua Tree

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This album is a true classic. While U2 has been doing great music for several decades now, I think this album is probably still their best. Songs like "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", "Where the Streets Have No Name", and "Bullet the Blue Sky" are known by all. There is a mix of styles on the album. It is just great listening no matter what mood you're in. Plus begin from one of the rare areas where Joshua Trees actually grow, there was a sentimental bonus.

Superchick: Beauty from Pain 1.1

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Superchick is the newest band I've fallen for, and they carry a similar energy style to Audio Adrenaline. However, the vocals by their lead singer Tricia Brock show a lot of range and distinction. She takes the moving lyrics and gives them that much more intensity. Songs like "Stand in the Rain" and "Suddenly" provide some deep insights amongst the powerful music. I'm probably going to use the chorus from "We Live" on my tombstone.

DJ Lorraine: Reverence

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Okay, so technically this isn't an album that you can purchase in the stores, but this is the mix that I found one day on a website podcast that solidified my love of electro/dance/house music. The energy is moving all the time, the changes into various breaks and samples is amazing. It's nearly an hour in length, and truly makes for an experience. Give it a listen!

Holst Planets Gustav Holst: The Planets

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There's something particularly moving, and haunting, about the Planets suite that I can't seem to get enough. Maybe its' the powerful drive of Mars, the Bringer of War, or the light and delicate music found in Neptune, The Mystic that keeps me coming back for more. Holst was even forward thinking enough to not include Pluto in his suite. Well not really, Pluto hadn't been discovered yet and now it's been declassified as a planet. 8^D

Riding With The King Cover B.B. King & Eric Clapton: Riding with the King

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This album is what happens when to giants collaborate. This album is full of blues gold. It's hard to pick a track on here that is my favorite, that's why I have to take them all. However, the opening (and title chart) "Riding with the King" as well as "Marry You" stick out as particular favorites.

Goat Rodeo Sessions Yo-Yo Ma: The Goat Rodeo Sessions

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I'm not one for a lot of "folk" music. But there's something about this album that I love to listen to. There's a simplistic nature to the music, since it is pure string instrumentals (with a couple of vocal tracks). At the same time, there is an intensity you can feel in the music that is very driving. From there you can start to sense the complexity of all the instruments coming together. The result is beautiful. The result is fun. The result makes you want to listen to it over and over again.

Ellington Armstrong Great Summit Duke Ellington & Louie Armstrong: The Great Summit

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Here's another one of those great compilations. The two most influential jazz musicians get together and play Ellington's classics with Armstrong's flair and unforgettable voice. I think they have my favorite rendition EVER of "It Don't Mean A Thing (If it ain't got that swing)"

Sixpence None The Richer Sixpence None The Richer: Sixpence None The Richer

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There is something about the the simple melodies, touching lyrics, and enchanting voice of Leigh Nash that makes this album a must have. There are those classics like "There She Goes" and "Kiss Me". I also have an affinity towards "Puedo Escribir" for it's melody.

Island Set Cover Give it a Listen!!!

Thanks to Spotify, I've got the entire set lined up on a playlist. Give it a listen, tell me what YOU would put on your own Island Set! Remember, the island is magical, so it'll make sure it's there waiting for you. 8^D