First Day of Kindergarten

Published Aug 24, 2011 (13 years ago)
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Girls on Doorstep

Yesterday was the girls' first day of Kindergarten. Needless to say, there was a wide range of emotions involved in the day.

It started out with nerves for me. We had this whole routine in place to make sure they were dressed, had their chores done (making their beds, letting the ducks out, checking for eggs, brushing teeth, etc.) and I was worried we wouldn't get everything done in time. I also was frantic because I made oatmeal for breakfast, and the last thing we needed was a spill on the pretty dresses they were wearing! There was one small spill, but it was easily remedied, and all my worries were for naught. We got out on time, showed up at school earlier than expected, and got to see the playground and the teacher a bit before the opening ceremony started.

  • Mommy and her Kindergarten Girls

    Mommy and her Kindergarten Girls

Family off to Kindergarten

To some degree, I felt like it was school all over again for me too. There were some boys over by a tree throwing around the fruits, typical type antics. Some returning kids were catching up on the summer with their friends. There were kids of all ages running around the playground and as I followed my daughters around, I wondered how many of them they would meet and be friends with. I wonder which ones would say "hi" back when they greeted them? How many kids have such friendly souls as my girls, eager to meet new people? What a HUGE world they are entering into! School has it's own "world" and they were jumping right into it. It felt a little overwhelming.

Eventually we finished the opening ceremonies, we went back to their classroom, and after a little song and poem, we left the girls to continue on their day, and I was immensely excited for them. There's so much for them to learn and discover, and now they'll have a new venue in which to learn, outside of what we do with them throughout the day. I always loved school, and still love to learn, and hopefully this excitement and thirst for knowledge will pass on to them.

  • Rylee Getting up from her Table

    Rylee Getting up from her Table

Haylee at her Table

What amazing times!