Blogs on the playground…

Published Nov 3, 2010 (13 years ago)
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The best way I can describe it is this:

…having to translate from blog format A over to blog format B since blog format C (which is where I need to go) doesn't have a immediately available way to read blog format A, but can read blog format B.

Such is the “bounty” that I’m working on at the moment. What started out as a a “weekend warrior” project is starting to take a bit more time. Fortunately the person that has requested the project is gracious to give me some extra time and the benefits are quite nice when it gets done.

However, it never ceases to amaze me that the more we try to find a “common” format to work with, the more we want to create specialized nuances, and thus we fragment our sources again. Sometimes we play well together on the playground of data structures and can go back and forth with little hassle. Sometimes we can’t, like what I’m working with. However, it turns out that the two blogs on the playground say they both know “esperanta” or something like that, so I’m going to talk at them that way now.