What cool things can I do with my droid?

Published Oct 13, 2011 (12 years ago)
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Me with Fiver

Yesterday we took the big step into the smartphone world. There's me with "Fiver" (named after a notable droid in the Star Wars NJO books) since I don't feel it proper to name it "Artoo" unless it really was one. 8^D

Anyway, I'm already getting my feet wet with some cool things on the Droid but am still really new to this. This is where I need your help.

Fiver is an HTC Thunderbolt and so far it has been living up to the hype. It feels only a little bit heavier than my iPod touch and I love the 8 megapixel camera on it for those random events in life. I've always been a fan of the Sense UI that HTC provides, and I like how I can tweak out "scenes" so that when I go on my next work trip, I can swap over to the work scene and have easy access to two clocks (time zone changes), maps and other things. Plus I don't use TripIt or other apps except for those times. Oddly enough, the flashlight is already a big help, especially since it uses the flash built into the camera to give better resolution.

Outside of some of the "standard fare" apps (Kindle, Facebook, G+, etc.) here are the apps I've discovered or installed from previous use:

  • Chome to Phone - A friend ran this and I fell in love, find a recipe, zap it over to the phone to look at while cooking.
  • Google Sky Map - Sadly it won't show me the Monolith Burger or the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, but I love the night sky overlay for planets and constellations. I need to get me a telescope!
  • WordFeud - Started playing with some old work friends and now my wife and I can play. It's your typical scrabble, but far less invasive than Words with Friends.
  • Flickr - Sadly there's no Instagram for Android, but Flickr's app does a similar thing. I need to find a landing spot (Flickr, G+, Facebook) for my "Filed under L for Life" type photos.

I know I'm just hitting the tip of the iceberg with this stuff here, so I need your help!

What kind of apps or cool things are you doing with your Droid? Do you know any cool tricks for the SenseUI itself? I'd love to know!

Many thanks in advance!