Bienvenue MMXIX

Published Jan 2, 2019 (5 years ago)
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It feels a bit like walking into one of those attic style workrooms, with a small layer of dust on things and lots of work abruptly halted. On one hand it feels a bit dusty, old, and frozen in time. On the other hand it feels refreshing to see some old things come to life again...

Nevertheless, I'm here and eager to start blogging again. There's too much to really recap in a short blog post, but 2018 was a year of extremes. On one hand, we had a brief scare with cancer returning with Jen, the been enough medical and outside incidents that the savings fund for the home is frankly non-existent, and my other daughter was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome (lots could be unpacked there). On the other hand, we were able to take another huge family road trip, overall townhome life has been much better compared to apartment life, and we were blessed to have caught up with three friends who we haven't seen in literally decades. Christmas Advent was far more eventful and joyful than it has been in years past, and lots of simple downtime in the house was very nice indeed.

Life as a software development director was a large change as well. Minus a couple of brief updates here and there I haven't touched a substantial amount of code for an entire year as I take up more and more leadership responsibilities. I've enjoyed the process of mentoring a few developers that have been assigned to me, but the whole process has been a lot of (and continues to be) growth and discovery for myself.

Oh, and with Flickr recently changing up their plans and pricing I've decided to pull out the 'ol Pic-a-Dillie-O and get some of my "purposeful" photos there (and with full resolution). I hope you'll stop by.

I don't really have any "resolutions" to make this year. There are goals to name and claim and with all the twists and turns that happen it would seem odd to write them down here (yes, yes, I know what the other side of the coin would be for that). So for now I will say that 2018 has been resolved and that 2019 will be a work in progress. More things to come.