Top 5 Looney Tunes

Published Mar 12, 2012 (12 years ago)
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Looney Tunes

Yeah, you know and love them. Our kids are just starting to go through the our collection on DVD. There's something about the simple anvil on the head that appears to the kids and the verbal banter that appeals to the adults. Then again, I like a good anvil dropping myself. That said, I was reflecting upon all the episodes that have gone through my head and these are the five I consider my favorite.

5. Water, Water, Every Hare

Bugs Monster Hair

There are a few episodes that have Bugs facing off against the huge red hairy monster, but the whole routine with the hairdresser that Bugs pulls off is utterly hilarious. That and dynamite rollers is great too.

4. Porky in Wackyland

Porky In Wackyland

This is actually a really old Black and White episode, in which Porky goes in search of the last of the Dodo birds. Between the Salvador Dali like scenery, the antics of the bird, the perpetual lack of anything typical when it comes to gravity, objects etc., I couldn't stop laughing. Plus the punchline when he actually catches the dodo and another 100 pop up on screen to praise him on catching the "last" of the dodos is priceless.

3. Duck Amuck

Duck Amuck

This cartoon was a "alternate reality" of sorts, as the cartoonist continues to draw Daffy into odd situations, most notably as the platypus, flower, screwball duck you see. At the very end it is revealed Bugs is the artist having some fun.

2. Soup or Sonic

Wile E Coyote

The Roadrunner / Coyote episodes are my all time favorite. I couldn't get enough of how well they made use of nobody talking, all of the Acme gadgets, and the big falls. This was the only episode (maybe one other) where the coyote actually catches the roadrunner, however, he is shrunk down far smaller than the roadrunner by this point. 8^D

1.Rabbit Fire

Elmer Season

There were numerous episodes where Daffy and Bugs would jaunt through the forest, trying various tricks to get the other shot. Inevitably there were posts on trees getting swapped between rabbit in duck season. However, in this episode, we get one final twist as the sign changes to "Elemer Season", a shock to all, but Bugs and Daffy get to turn around and hunt "Elmers." When I think of looney tunes, I think of this. It's my all time favorite.

?... and yours

With so many episodes out there, I'm sure there are some that you can't help but think about and smile, just at the mere mention of Bugs of Daffy, or Looney Tunes. What were they?