Fabulous Fresh Four Fenomenon

Published Jun 1, 2015 (9 years ago)
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I still find it a little funny every time I recall the story, but I got the job I have now through Twitter. I had decided to start looking for a new job, and being the “up to date” person I thought I was, I figd I’d try searching Twitter. Low and behold, somebody had posted they were looking for a .Net person, and even willing to have them work remotely! I sent an e-mail, had a phone call or two and a visit, and there I was, working for Fresh Consulting!

Four years ago today I was rather star struck as I drifted into an office nearly 1400 miles away from home and immediately to a social media conference we were hosting. Shortly after that we ran over to do a checkin with a major telecommunications provider, and I was sent home to build an RSS feed for the high school sports association here in Arizona. There weren’t a whole lot of us, but we were going places!

Here I am, 4 years later, and our company has been twice in the top 100 of fastest growing companies in Puget Sound area and our dev team is huge! We have a whole staffing side of the house now, a full Asia team, and I’m sure there is a lot more going on over there that I still don’t have wind of. 8^D

To my employers, more like a team or an extended family, thanks for taking a chance on me. Thanks for giving me the freedom and flexibility with hours to handle the medical issues we’ve had over the years. Thank you for the trust to get work done plenty of miles away and still make sure to keep communication as strong as possible with the “mother ship”. Each year there are new challenges and new technology to stretch my skills even more and it is something I’ve never had in my previous jobs and something I appreciate greatly. I hope my contributions to the company, both for clients and internally for the team, have been significant and helpful to our growth. Thank you.

In a lot of ways, each day at work feels like a sprint. Some days it is the plethora of e-mails to go through: informing clients of progress or answering questions they have about implementing a feature or the possibility of adding another. Some days it is e-mails to colleagues, informing them of progress, answering technical questions, asking technical questions, or providing a game plan of next steps. Some days it is digging deep into a new platform or coding standard we are using with a project. Some days it is pulling out a big digital mallet and squashing bugs. Some days it is pulling out my digital hammer and nails and crafting a new feature or refining an existing one in a project. Some days it is sitting down with a new client and brainstorming something new and amazing and how it will take shape for them. Most days it is a combination of them all, across a couple of programming languages, techonology stacks, and hosting providers. By the end of the day you’re tired, like those running workous where you are doing laps around a track with varying degrees of pace, recovery, and effort. You get up the next day and do it all over again, with a different variety of pace, recovery, and effort, that much stronger from the previous days work. For some people this would be maddening. Some days it is for me! Overall though, it’s right where I want to be.

So here’s to another 4 years! I have no idea what kind of springs I’ll be running, but I’m eager to lace up my shoes and see what is in store.