Rest Hard

Published Nov 2, 2016 (7 years ago)
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You've heard the saying a million times, "Work Hard. Play Hard." Have you noticed that sometimes "playing hard" can be just as exhausting (or worse) than the working? I think we need to take more time to "rest hard"...


This past Saturday was one such "resting hard" moment. I don't think we've really had one in quite a while. While there was a farmers market, an early Halloween event, lots of trails, a couple of parks, and plenty else around, we camped out on the couch for most of the day. We watched a few shows. We did a little bit of test work on Halloween costumes. We read books. We did this with our pajamas on 90% of the time. It was glorious.

I think that we have a tendency to overdo it in our quest to see more, do more, learn more, experience more. What originally starts out as a means of having fun, relaxing, and exploring out world becomes a stressor instead because we go overboard with our "playing" and lose site on the refreshment that is was intended to provide. We need to remember to make an effort to not move too fast at times and just... simply... rest.