New Home for the CCG Toolkit

Published Sep 15, 2010 (14 years ago)
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CCG Toolkit

With the transfer of the blog and the shut down of the domain, I needed to find a new home for the CCG Toolkit code (Deck Studio, Netrep, RONIN), since I believe it is a great resource for anybody looking to cut their teeth on some code or want an idea for building a similar application suite. Most notably I think the use of separate libraries in a SQLite format, plus the potential use of the EAV database model to add new CCGs into the system has a lot of merit.

That said, I've gotten most of the files organized and transfered over to CodePlex. I hope a few programmers might be able to stumble across the code too and benefit from it. I still need to trip up the main project zip for Deck Studio and the master database SQL file, but I should have that done soon.

Update: Thanks to Mickey's comment below, here's the direct link to the "binaries" or the "installer" version of the apps. No need to worry about source code.