Sticky Note Leadership: Mentorship

Published Aug 11, 2020 (3 years ago)
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I've been away from my office desk for a few months now, but when I was bringing stuff home, I made sure take a snapshot of the sticky notes I refer to for daily insight and inspiration. This one I take to heart regarding mentorship.

Sadly I don't remember which book or books they come from, but they are nonetheless valuable on their own.

Mentoring has a long term focus with a spotlight on the person's career path and future success.

~ Unknown at the moment

As a mentor, leverage your own position in your organization and your expertise to sponsor others and transfer your knowledge to them.

~ Unknown at the moment

For me, both of these quotes remind me that I need to "flip the script" as outlined in the books Leadershift and Be the Boss Everyone wants to Work For I've read this past year. They really help emphasize the concept of servant leadership and how to orient your approach in a way that is focused on the unique needs of each person you mentor.

What quotes or books have influenced your leadership and/or mentorship of others? I'd love to read them!