A Matter of Perspective

Published Apr 21, 2010 (14 years ago)
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Last night the family was running around in the back yard a bid, playing on the new playhouse that I?m just about done building.

It was getting dark and blustery, so we rounded up the girls to come in for dinner.

Haylee, pointing to the sky, shouted, ?Look! Its Luna!!!? Of course we all looked up into the sky, and there was the moon. More intriguing was the fact that the wind was blowing pretty fast up in the jet stream, and the clouds were rapidly brushing in front of the moon.

After a moment, Rylee asks, ?Why is Luna running away??

I laughed to myself, easily remembering all the times when I looked at a similar windy sky and it seemed like the moon, or even the mountains were running away. I remembered the times at the beach where I had the same effect with my own body, watching the waves move over and back on my feet.

It took a little explanation, and having the girls look at our own trees for them to see that it wasn?t the moon that was moving, but rather the clouds. Their perception of reality was now restored, or reestablished, and we moved into the house for dinner.

In hindsight, I stopped to wonder how many times my own perspectives about reality have focused on the wrong point of reference and what I had to ground myself to in order to see restore or reestablish reality.

I wonder what things I still have out of perspective.