Life Momentos

Published Aug 23, 2016 (7 years ago)
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Today marked the last run for a pair of my running shoes. They've lasted a heck of a lot longer than they were intended for, and there have been quite some memorable runs on them (two RAGNARs, a marathon, and a bunch more). I debated about hanging on to them, as a moment of those runs, but I've decided not to. However, it got me thinking about the other mementos I keep around.


I find most of my "valuable momentos" consist of the following:

Hats - I wear baseball hats (A LOT). Having that reminder readily available brings back good memories, and provides some fun stories for people who ask. Currently I have a pretty slick grey wool cap with an artistic Mickey Mouse head embroidered near the bottom right from my trip to Disneyland with the family two years ago.

Mugs - I drink a LOT of coffee. In a similar fashion, enjoying that mug of coffee from my Disneyland mug (now faded beyond recognition) or the Microsoft mug from an event I went to early on at my new job. I have mugs that have been gifted by friends and some that are so nice that I just look at them or pack them up, but I can use them at any moment.

These moments are cheap too. I have some others that aren't so cheap, and sometimes those are packed away for long periods of time. The memories get lost, so that's why I like the "in your face" ones.

What momentos do you keep on hand and why?