Freeform Friday 5

Published Apr 1, 2016 (8 years ago)
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Simply write about the first thing that comes to your mind …. NOW!

A couple of cool tech notes worth sharing for the week...


If you're an iPhone / iPad user, make sure you get the latest iOS update and enable the night shift feature that they enabled. I've been a long time user of f.lux. I find a huge benefit on the eyes (and the sleep) that having a "warm" screen during the evening hours provides. The automatic shift based on the time is an added convenience. I noticed an immediate benefit at night when peeking at my phone. Now if they can only create a solid version for Android.

Microsoft continues to embrace making the right tools available for the right job, regardless of platform. A year or so ago they started releasing the .Net platform (open source too) to be runnable on Mac/Linux platforms thanks to the ASP.Net Core platform. The other day, at the build conference, Microsoft announced that you can get a full fledged bash prompt at the command line in Windows 10. No cygwin, no fancy ports. A full fledged version of Ubuntu has been setup to be made available. This is huge in bridging the gap between the Visual Studio toolset used along side the vi/emacs/redis development typically available only in Linux. With these tools in place, who knows what machine I'll be "primarily" developing from in the future, and that's a good thing!

So now that you have your tech fix in, go disconnect for the weekend and fix your deck, or go for a run, or read a book (on paper) or something. 8^D