Whats in a Name - Ideas Wanted

Published Oct 6, 2015 (9 years ago)
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Some people like to name their vehicles, but I like to name my electronics [well, technically I name my vehicles too 8^D]. Maybe it’s because I’ve loved computers since I was a kid, or by giving them a name I mentally take better care of the devices, I’m not sure…

I typically name my phones after droids, since my first smartphone was indeed an droid. There was R4, then Whistler on my Windows Phone, and now IG-88 on my iPhone. With my new found love of Doctor Who, I named my 9” Nexus tablet K9. See what I did there?

My computers have been a little more profound. I’ve named them after philosophers or theologians. It could be because I do more work, or see the programming work I do as a creative process, who exactly knows. Aquinas, Boethius, and Kierkegaard have been recent incarnations of my computers.

Kierkegaard has served me well for nearly 5 years now. However, it’s starting to show it’s age with random app and system crashes and a very low battery life. Admittedly, part of the battery life is due to the SSD upgrade I gave it a couple of years back. The time has come and I’m fortunate (and quite giddy) to be having a new MacBook Pro with a maxed out 16GB of RAM and 1TB flash drive arriving at the end of the week.

What name shall I give it? I’m a little lost at this point. Do I pull out a new theologian/philosopher to use? Do I try a new route, such as Star Wars planets, Middle Earth locations, or something new?

Thoughts? Anybody? Bueller?