Song of the Week: Summer Camp Romance by everybodyduck

Published Aug 19, 2011 (13 years ago)
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Everybodyduck: 8 Seconds on a Holy Cow

I spent nearly every summer since the 4th grade through college going to church camp for a weekend. It was a great time. Meeting new people, doing crazy things (capture the flag under the moonlight) and being in the mountains (flee the desert heat!). My senior year in high school, the band that was playing at camp was named everybodyduck. I fell in love with them immediately. They had some very fun and quirky songs, but it always came around in the end with a very poignant and applicable statement that the song was getting at.

Case in point, the song Summer Camp Romance. This song actually came out by the time I was in college, and had the privilege of being a camp counselor. Being on the other end of the "camp scene" really opened up my eyes to all the shenanigans we "kids" went through, and the song captures the entire "summer love in a week" scenario perfectly. Take for instance some of the following lyrics in the song:

well your friends said that my friends said you said I said I had kissed you well I didn't and I haven't but I wish 'cause you're a fox so I passed your friends a note I wrote I hope that it gets to you. I wrote, "If you want to go steady, sugar, please just check that box."

or even the chorus...

I don't want to hear you have a boy(girl)friend back at home please don't tell me you want to be friends you're the only (boy/girl) that I could love this week so come on baby please give love a chance it's clear to me this year you'll be my summer camp romance

and of course the epic end of the week...

(guy) bags all packed we come too soon to our final farewell (girl) we're both tempted to lie and say we'll write (guy) instead I say, "I hate you" (girl) so then I say that you smell (both) There's nothing more memorable than that last day break-up fight.

But the BEST part of the song is the end, where it all gets tied together to the more important things in life. I'll let you take a listen to get that part.

P.S. Oh yeah, then I found out that the bass player is a pastor at the church I go to... 8^D