Tourettes, T-Rex Video, and Breaking Through

Published May 17, 2018 (6 years ago)
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There's a longer post that will followup on this in the future, but a handful of things have happened recently that need sharing, particularly when it comes to something amazing my girls have made.


Earlier this year Haylee was diagnosed as having Tourettes after a year of us trying to figure out exactly what was going on. This was a victory in that we now has a "name' to what was happening, but it created new challenges for us, especially for the girls.

Soon after this they discovered Don Hoiland and his T-Rex video series. Don has Tourettes himself and has made a series of short videos to help kids (and parents) work through some of the challenges Tourettes provides. These videos made an immediate impact on our girls, helping them (and us) move forward.

They made SUCH an impact that they reached out to Don to see if they could contribute their own T-Rex video to share some of their experiences, victories, and tips with others. Don agreed. The girls then spent about a week planning the dialog, writing the scripts, and getting the video recorded (mom has a narrative role too 8^D). Don approved the video, added a little bit to the introduction and it was published last night!

This video comes at a very significant milestone. The girls turned 12 yesterday. This month is Tourettes Awareness Month. It also represents a "leveling up" in my girls dedication and creativity in themselves and something they deem important. I've seen so much growth and small victories over the past few months that all of this really came together perfectly and I'm amazed and the young women my girls are growing into.

Enjoy this video and help share it around!