What's Your Souvenir?

Published Nov 19, 2014 (9 years ago)
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I poured a cup of coffee this morning, threw on a hat before heading down to my office, and realized they were both from the same recent trip that our family took this summer. Immediately the coffee tasted that much better and I felt a bit more grounded. It made me think a little bit...

When you go on a vacation, or anywhere really, you can get souvenirs of all shapes and sizes. Pins, pennants, mugs, hats, shirts, sweaters, shot glasses, foam fingers, it gets pretty crazy! For me, the souvenirs that can give me a constant reminder of a great trip/event is what I appreciate the most. Every morning I enjoy a cup of coffee, and when I pour it into that mug (2 or 3 times a week) the memories come in. When I put that hat on to go run some errands to work around the house, the memory is there. Sometimes I get compliments about the hat too, and I get to share about our family adventure.

What about you? What souvenirs do you get when you go on trips? What makes them special?