Top 10 Posts of the Year

Published Dec 30, 2011 (12 years ago)
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The last modifications of this post were around 12 years ago, some information may be outdated!

It's interesting to pull up the stats and find out which posts were most popular over the year.

1. Soup to Nuts: Creating a Timeout Notifier in ASP.Net using AJAX Toolkit or jQuery

I've been doing some How To type articles based on solutions I've found and I'm glad this one made it to the top. A lot of times you get bits and pieces of how to do things, but this was a "soup to nuts" type thing where you could take the entire solution and run with it. They took a bit more work than most of my posts (including doing a VS2008 and VS2010 solution) but I think the effort has been worth it.

2. Soup to Nuts: Extending the User Module in PyroCMS

Upon starting my new job, one of the first tasks I had was to bring a new site up from scratch. We used the PyroCMS framework, which is amazing, but I needed to extend their user module to handle our specific case. It turns out others had this need too, and so this article was born.

3. Setting up Roksbox with iTunes and OSX

We LOVE out Roku Box, and I was looking for a way to stream my iTunes music off my Mac to it. There's a channel called RoksBox that allows you to stream, but you need to do a little work to make it happen. Here's how to set it up.

4. Qakbot: Diagnosis and Removal

Shortly before switching jobs, we were hit with a HIDEOUS virus called Qakbot, that practically shut us down for a week. There wasn't much information out there. I did some "dramatic storytelling" of the process along the way, but ultimately I wanted a summary of things to help others facing similar problems, since this there wasn't much out there at the time with this third variant.

5. Sorting Latitude/Longitude Positions by Distance in SQL

This was another crazy task I needed to do in order to properly display points on a map. Sure you can do it through code, but we needed the database to do all the heavy lifting for us.

6. Diary of a Qakbot Infection Day 3: War

One of the "dramatic storytelling" entries from the Qakbot infection. This is when we started making progress.

7. Quick Tip: Centering a Login control on a webpage in ASP.Net

You would think that centering the login control would be easy. Sadly it took a little more work than I anticipated. This is one of the other benefits of blogging. You can remind yourself down the road of things you discovered. I think I've used this entry myself two or three times since I first wrote it.

8. Default Category Images for WordPress

This past year really had me starting to branch out from my primary .Net roots of the past decade. This was another trick I had to come up with to make it easier for some clients to create posts that defaulted to a "category" image when they had no images to post.

9. Diary of a Qakbot Infection Day 2: Speechless

Qakbot was nasty, really nasty. It hit 3 of my top 10 it was that bad. There are few days in my life where I think I've been truly dumbfounded as what to do next. This was one of them.

10. Integrating the Nivo Slider into a CodeIgniter Site

Here's another post where I was working with some new technology to get a site off the ground. CodeIgniter is another great PHP technology I was exposed to over the year.

Was there anything you didn't see in this list you enjoyed or found helpful? Anything you'd like to see me cover next year? Thanks for reading and I'll see you in MMXII!!!