Favorite Photos of 2019

Published Dec 27, 2019 (4 years ago)
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It's amazing that another year has gone by. I try to keep dibs on all the small moments of life, and picking my favorite photos from over the years is hard. Nevertheless, here are my favorites of the year, in no particular order…

Captions of the photos above...

  • The fall colors around here are so bold and vivid! I can't get enough!
  • This woman! I think that captions it well enough…
  • Our first con at NerdyFaire, complete with superhero lineup.
  • The window structure at the Seattle Library is mesmerizing!
  • Daddy and Daughter
  • The intimate level of wood grain on a boat I made by hand.
  • The jagged yet beautiful trail I fought uphill with during RAGNAR.
  • The night sky from Crystal Mountain. City glow ignites the clouds and the vivid stars above. The photo does not do this moment justice.
  • My precious family.
  • Piper ponders Christmas.

Here's to a new decade of more moments filed under "L" for life...

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