Christmas Music Time!

Published Dec 1, 2011 (12 years ago)
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Christmas Lounge

It's Christmas time again!!!! Now that Thanksgiving has had it's due, let's get on with the celebration! Here's some music to help you along the way.This year I've got a couple of sources of music that will be filling the air that are worth sharing.

Christmas Lounge]( up is Soma FM's Christmas Lounge [I liked the old name "Santa Lounge" better 8^D]. They provide a family friendly mix of classics and unique mixes of Christmas songs. You'll get some Frank Sinatra, Tiajuana Brass, and a remix of Charlie Brown Christmas music, tastefully done. Go give it a listen! *

I've also assembled my own mix a while back which I've aptly named my "Phat Chunk 'O Christmas Music" At the time I was able to cram a single CD full of about 650MB worth of MP3s, which made for a LOT of Christmas listening. Feel free to give it a listen, I think you'll enjoy it. There's also a zip file somewhere in there for your offline needs. **

Christmas Mix CoverWhile not quite the same, I've also assembled a similar "Phat Chunk O Christmas Music" mix for any Spotify listeners out there. I really love Spotify's sharing and library, and I was able to throw this together in a few minutes.

I hope this helps get you into the Christmas spirit as we celebrate Jesus' birth, family, Santa, and lots of lights! If you have any favorite tunes to share, please send them my way!

Merry Christmas!!!

* As a geekish aside, if you have a Roku Box [I highly recommend one], Soma FM has a channel on the Roku Box that will allow you to listen to this station (and others) from the comfort of your living room! Great for entertaining guests!!!

** As another geekish aside, I really like SugarSync and if you're looking for a "cloud" to store some files, go get an account. It's free, you'll get a bonus 500 MB if you use that link right there, and there is a lot of great "integration" features built into the service.