The Teacher

Published Feb 26, 2016 (8 years ago)
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I’ve had the opportunity the last few days to be the “guest instructor” for my kids and it’s been a great experience.


It’s amazing to see how fast they pick up concepts, how excited they are, and seeing how the bigger picture is coming more in focus for them as they learn about the world about them. It also helped that I was able to teach them a bit about weather, something that I’m a bit of a hobbyist on anyway. Having my fancy weather station only made it more fun 8^D

I was a bit intimidated by the experience as well. There are moments in every day where I see an oppotunity to inject a little lesson in here and there about math, english, Bible, whatever, but to have a “structured” session with them scared me a bit. How do I start? How do I transition? Do they even care? What if I overload them? All of this was racing through my head during my prep and even during the first session. Fortunatley everything worked out great and I have another session to go!

More importantly, this small glimpse of teaching gives me an even greater appreciation for what my wife does with our girls on a daily basis. She’s planning for months, not days. She works with them all day, and then has to balance everything else out there as well. Honnie, I love you and appreciate even more what you do for our girls as their teacher!