Sticky Note Leadership: On the Lighter Side

Published Aug 21, 2020 (4 years ago)
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I’ve been away from my office desk for a few months now, but when I was bringing stuff home, I made sure take a snapshot of the sticky notes I refer to for daily insight and inspiration. This one reminds me about not taking my work too seriously.

This quote comes from great guy, and previous colleague of mine, Yanick.

The essence of machine learning involves learning from errors. It's funny that machines are allowed to work this way and that's a taboo for humans.

~ Yanick Duchesne

That is a bit ironic right? Also humorous lies in the fact that the fundamental operating components that play into our machine learning (data sets, algorithms to process through) were also created by the "infallible" humans as well.

In the end it reminds me not too take my job/career/self too seriously. Sure I'm going to strive to do my best for others and myself, but in the end there exists a mindset where the machines that we envision driving us around all by themselves are allowed to make mistakes and myself, with far less accuracy and speed of thought, cannot.

Do you have any quotes that remind you not to take things too seriously?