I love this town!

Published Dec 6, 2010 (13 years ago)
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How many places are there out there that read the Christmas story from the book of Luke on the steps of the center of town?! How many places are out there that have their center of town duped up with Christmas lights for the season?!

My town does! We met up with Jen’s folks and went down this weekend for their annual Courthouse Lighting, which features a reading of the Christmas story out of the book of Luke and Christmas carols, and not just the “Jingle Bells” stuff either. It was a complete blast and I can’t wait for next year. I don’t think the kids can wait either…

I apologize for the picture quality, the cell phone only works so well. All donations for a iPod Touch 4th Generation or Android Phone graciously accepted. 8^D

Before the festivities begin.

Ice Cream in Winter

The "Town Christmas Tree" before lighting.

The Courthouse is lit!

The "Town Christmas Tree" after lighting.

The side of the Courthouse (all sides are decorated).