Introducing Pic-A-Dillie-O

Published Dec 21, 2011 (12 years ago)
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Pic-a-Dillie-O Screenshot

So there's Flikr, Facebook Photos, Picasa Photos, Instagram, and a plethora of other sites out there to host photos, but I've decided to do something a little more "homegrown" and start putting them in a WordPress blog.

The result is Pic-a-Dillie-O, another little blog where I can quickly post those photos. I'm really loving the Android 2.0 version of WordPress, and the sharing features will make it easier to put things there. That and I think WordPress is just a great platform. Plus with the special photo oriented themes available, it makes for a nice little digital cottage. Give it a peek when you have a moment. I'll be getting some more photos and do a little more clean up on the site as time goes on.